What Is the Sound of a Cool Keyboard Theme?

What Is the Sound of a Cool Keyboard Theme?

One of the personalization features that is least talked about, in our opinion, is the custom sound feature. You can have that cool keyboard theme, but your Android device’s personalization doesn’t have to stop there. You can go a step further with a cute font and a fun sound. At the end of the day, why not make your keyboard fully customized and truly your own, when you have all the tools to do so?

Usually, when you think of a keyboard typing sound, you think of the borderline annoying click-clack you might hear when you or someone else types a text message. We don’t know about you, but in all honesty, we’re tired of that same old sound. Which is why we’re totally into having a cool typing sound effect, instead. Because we like our information split up in neat little lists, here’s a list of how a cool keyboard theme could be made even better with a fun keyboard sound effect 😃.

1. Themes are great but sounds are awesome!

So you got that cool keyboard theme to show off to your friends. What if we told you that you could make that theme even more awesome with some fresh typing sounds?

We talk a lot about how great having a personalized keyboard is, especially when you can have hundreds of themes to choose from. But, in our minds, the proverbial picture just would not be complete without a fun sound.

It’s usually overlooked since you can’t actually see the sound and its impact is a lot more subtle. But it’s there, alright. In fact, we’ll go as far as saying that you won’t even want to turn off your phone’s sound because of it. What’s more, typing will be tons more fun. Give it a try. You’ll know what we’re talking about.

2. Speaking of typing being fun, make some music with your keyboard!

Well, that may be a bit of a stretch, but the right sound could provide quite a cool theme song for your texting. It’s hard to find touch sounds for Android that will actually deliver on the creativity front. It’s the reason why Redraw keeps the list of sounds short and sweet. We’d rather have a few great typing sounds, than a hundred bad ones.

Truth be told, once you start using fun sounds for your keyboard, it’ll be hard to imagine how you ever went without them. We feel that’s what makes them so great. It’s a very small change that you can make to your keyboard, that makes a lot of difference when you go to use your keyboard.

3. Yes, there’s a third point. Don’t ever get bored of your keyboard again

As with every other personalization feature Redraw Keyboard has to offer, if you’re in the mood for a change, you can always just choose a different cool keyboard theme, sound, font, and so on. The point is for you to always feel that you have a unique keyboard that is representative of your personal style.


When it comes to keyboards for Android, we’re lucky enough to be able to change our standard one in seconds with keyboard apps. There is no denying the impact that can have on the way you use your phone. But once you got that cool keyboard theme that you’re head over heels for, add that extra personalization layer with a fun sound and you’ll have yourself a powerhouse at your fingertips.

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