Replace Five Must Have Apps Android Users Need with Just One

Replace Five Must Have Apps Android Users Need with Just One

We obviously talk a lot about the benefit of having a keyboard app, but we don’t always mention how the right keyboard app (*cough* Redraw Keyboard *cough*) can replace several must have apps Android users need. So, today we decided to do just that.

By now, you probably know that we boast about Redraw packing the power of the most useful apps for Android into one. Well, it’s about time we tell you exactly what we mean

1. Personalization

Personalize your Android With Wallpaper

You already know that we’re great advocates for personalization and having fun while using your device and typing. Needless to say, we’re firm believers that personalization apps are some of the must have apps Android device owners should own.

Obviously, when it comes to personalization apps, you know we’re all about keyboard themes and wallpapers because we believe those to be the coolest ways to personalize your device. Which is why you’ll find both in Redraw Keyboard 😃.

2. Custom keyboard

Speaking of keyboard themes, you can have your very own custom keyboard. While still a Custom Keyboards are Must Have Apps Android Users Needpersonalization app, we feel there far more to it than that.

Other than providing another layer of customization, you can also get a better keyboard for Android devices. One that would offer more features and settings, beyond what you would normally get from your standard keyboard. Cool themes, fun fonts and sounds, vibrant colors – they all make a custom keyboard one of the must have apps Android users should definitely have on their devices!

3. Fonts and sounds

Since we already mentioned fonts and sounds, is there anything cooler than having your favorite font on your keyboard? Or making some fun sounds while you type?

While they might not necessarily be essential apps, font changers and keyboard sounds definitely add to the fun of customizing your Android device. And we’re all about having fun with your device 😉.

4. Get a translator app and break the language barriers

Keyboard Translator App


Translator apps are pretty amazing. You don’t need to know all the languages in the world to understand different articles and even messages. Needless to say, a translator keyboard is that much more useful, as it can translate things instantly, things that include what you type. You can basically send messages in any language. How amazingly cool is that? If that doesn’t put translator keyboards in the top best Android utility apps, we don’t know what does.



5. Productivity will become your new BFF

It’s pretty easy to get distracted these days, what with all the memes and the social media networks, and the GIFs, and the videos. That’s why all the productivity apps Android has to offer have definitely become the most popular must have apps Android users need.

We believe that a keyboard should be like a Swiss Army knife that fits everything you need, in one simple app. That, of course, also includes productivity tools. Which is why Redraw has Google Drive integration. Now, this feature is incredibly easy to use, even if you’re not familiar with how to share files on Google Drive. All you have to do is click the button, choose your file, hit send and off it goes to wherever you want it to go.


And there you all are. Definitive proof that you can replace five must have apps Android users need on their devices with just one. The best one, if we do say so ourselves 😊.

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