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Themes on your phone
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We are more inter-connected than ever before. We communicate faster, more efficiently, and with more people from more countries than we ever have before! The only thing that keeps us from making communication easier, is the unavoidable language barrier.

Finding a good language translator app can be a task in and of itself. With so many to choose from, from websites to mobile apps, it would take forever to try them all and find one that best suits you. But what if we were to tell you that you can turn your phone or tablet into an instant translator in the time it takes to tap a button? Well, with Redraw Keyboard’s Google Translate integration you can do just that.

We designed Redraw Keyboard not only to make it fun to customize your Android device, but also as a tool to make your life as uncomplicated as possible. We have our amazing customization tools to cover the former and our invaluable productivity tools to cover the latter. From allowing you to share files in texts, emails, and via social media through its Google Drive integration, to its transformation into an amazing language translator app, Redraw is more versatile than any other keyboard on the market!

You don’t need to download Google Translate, all you need is Redraw Keyboard and you’ll be all set to translate any text to and from any language within seconds! Turn your personalized keyboard into a translator app and start bridging the communication gap, sending and receiving messages in any language.

Why you need a language translator app?

The Internet has been doing a fantastic job at connecting people from all over the world, regardless of their native language. With the advent of translation websites, it’s becoming easier and easier to be understood and understand texts written in any language out there! Whether you have friends from different countries, or work with a lot of people from all over the world, a language translator app will prove to be an invaluable tool. Communication is a two-way street that will no longer be blocked by the language barrier with our amazing translation feature!


Using Redraw’s Google Translate integration is as easy as taping a few buttons! First, go through the basic steps: download, install, and enable Redraw Keyboard on your Android phone or tablet. After that, all you need to do to translate a text is to click the translate icon and choose the language in which you’d like to translate it. You can also translate texts or emails you want to send into any language you need! Follow the same steps and select the language you want to translate your message in, and you’re set! You don’t need any other translator download, and you don’t need the Google Translate app. Start sending and reading messages on social media, via text, or emails in any language without limitations!

If you’re looking for an app that gives you a personalized experience while helping you communicate better in any of language, look no further than Redraw Keyboard! With Redraw you can turn your keyboard into the best language translator app within minutes, while also customizing it to fit your style, personality, or even mood.

There is no need for a Google Translate download, or any other translator keyboard or other type of productivity apps, simply start up your Redraw Keyboard and the world will be wide open for you to explore. Redraw combines the fun of personalizing your Android phone or tablet with the tools you need to make your life easier. And what’s easier than finding the perfect marriage between productivity and fun?

Steps to follow

Instantly translate your messages!


Type your message

Write the message in your own language


Choose the language

and tap the ‘Translate’ button


Approve the suggestion

and tap ‘Send’!    |    +40 754 067 663
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