Why Are Pretty Keyboards So Popular?

Why Are Pretty Keyboards So Popular?

We can all agree that pretty keyboards are all the rage right now. Really, go on the Google Play Store and you will see thousands upon thousands of custom keyboards for Android. Is that a bad thing? Of course not 😃!

We’re obviously totally into pretty keyboards and cool phone backgrounds, but we get why some folks may not quite understand why keyboard themes and such are so popular these days. So, because we like a good list and we couldn’t miss an opportunity to make a list of why custom keyboards are so in trend. Let’s get into this, shall we?

1. The themes, the mountains of themes!

Redraw with hundreds of keyboard themes

Possibly the number one reason why people want keyboard apps is the many, many, many (we could go on) keyboard wallpaper options. To be honest, if you’re looking for pretty keyboards, that’s what you start searching for, isn’t it? In any case, themes make the world go ‘round and we cannot get enough of them 😃.


2. Wallpapers for everyone!

Most keyboard apps offer more than just themes and keyboard personalization. At least the good ones do 😝. A wallpaper for mobile Android devices can give your phone a fun look and let you customize your display with any ol’ image that speaks to you. You can also get an animated wallpaper, or a live wallpaper if you want to get technical, can add an extra layer of fun to your device. The cool thing is that, like with themes, you can switch between the best backgrounds as often as you like so you’ll never be bored 😃.

3. Fonts, sounds, and everything in-between

While this isn’t something you’d get with any keyboard theme app, customizing fonts, sounds, key colors, and more, is like accessorizing your outfit with your favorite bling. It just takes your already pretty keyboards to a whole new level.


Now that we’ve shed some light on why custom keyboards are so popular, let’s find out which one you should go for. We feel there are four major categories most themes fall into. Figure out which one speaks to you the most and you’ve got yourself a winner!

Colors everywhere

Colorful Pretty Keyboards

From rainbows to unicorns, vibrant colors or pastels, if you love a pop of color in your life, a colorful keyboard is you new BFF!

Dark themes, not dark times

Dark Colors Make For Pretty Keyboards

Need we say more? If you’re a master of the dark arts, or just like a darker shade to your keyboard, a dark theme is the way to go. It doesn’t even have to be all black. You can get yourself a dark purple, green, or blue keyboard theme and type away to your dark heart’s desire.

Bling without the ka-ching

Gold Luxury Pretty Keyboards

So, you love to have some bling in your life but don’t have the cash to spend on the real deal? Or maybe you already have some bling and want even more of it. Either way, we got you covered. A luxurious gold or diamond theme will make you swoon every time you want to send a text message.

For the love of seasons

Scary Halloween seasonal theme

Whether you’re a fan of summer fun, the winter Holidays, the blossoms of spring, or the thrill of Halloween, or you love all of them, you can show that off with some fun seasonal keyboard themes.


Abstract Pretty Keyboards

You cannot really go wrong with an abstract design. It can be dark, white color, it can have sparkles or can be modestly simple. Either way, an abstract theme is the best for you.


And now you’re ready to go out into the world not only knowing what the deal is with all these pretty keyboards but also showing off your cool new keyboard theme.

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