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When it comes to custom keyboards for Android, personalization is the name of the game! It is the driving force behind Redraw Keyboard and the reason why our amazing team of designers and developers have created one of the most exciting custom keyboards for Android. From fantastic keyboard themes, to amazing wallpapers and cool new fonts and sounds, if it’s customization you want, we’ve got you covered!
You may not think of keyboard themes as being all that important, but the right custom keyboard theme can make a world of difference in the way you type and use some of your phone’s features. Put a spring in your phone’s proverbial step with a new look and feel, by choosing one of the over one hundred high quality custom keyboard themes. No matter your style and personality, Redraw definitely has something that will make you never want to put down you phone.


Why Use a Custom Keyboard?

Well, because typing can and should be a fun experience! It’s what we spend most of our time doing on our phones and other mobile devices, so we may as well make it special. Your keyboard doesn’t have to be gray and boring, it can be colorful, fun, and meaningful to you. It can be both fun and practical! This is exactly why we’re always looking to create the coolest and most fun keyboard themes on the market. And, let’s face it, a keyboard customized to your liking is far more fun to use.


How to Customize Android Keyboard?

Installing Redraw Keyboard is as easy as 1-2-3 and you can enjoy it in seconds. All you need to do is to download the app, enable it in your Android keyboard settings, and you’re good to go! You will have instant access to a massive, constantly updated marketplace full of cool themes with which to customize Android keyboards on any and all devices. We know that a speedy download and installation process is vital these days, so now you can have a custom keyboard in no time at all. Download your favorite themes from our store and share them with your friends so they don’t miss out on all the fun!

Redraw is like no other keyboard customizer out there! It’s built to give you more than just custom keyboards for Android, but create a fully customizable experience, with the latest theme designs and coolest new features. From cutesy and sparkly, to professional, slick designs, you can find a wide range of themes in our marketplace. No matter what your style is and what you look for in a personalized keyboard, Redraw has all the themes you need. So, download one of the fun keyboard and start customizing. Don’t forget about the keyboard sound effects and fonts.

Custom Keyboards for Android

Stay one step ahead of the personalization game and show off your unique style with some of the coolest custom keyboards for Android. You can get a new theme for every day of the week, or for special holidays! With so many to choose from, you’ll never run out of ideas of what themes to customize your emoji keyboard with.

We’ve mastered how to customize android keyboards and we work tirelessly to bring you the most amazing keyboard themes. Want to make your keyboard even more special? Then you’ll love our custom theme maker feature! With its help, you can create your own theme using pictures or images you already have on your Android device. From your family, to your most cherished holiday memory, you can see any of your favorite images every time you type an email or text message. Now, when it comes to custom keyboards for Android, it cannot get any more personalized than this!

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