Why You Should Get a Cooler Typing Sound Effect

Why You Should Get a Cooler Typing Sound Effect

We talk a lot about personalization on this blog, and how can we not? We think customization is the bomb (in case you haven’t noticed)! You get to revamp your device with everything from a fun typing sound effect to colorful wallpapers and have a unique experience every time you open your mobile device.

When it comes to customization, however, most people don’t give keyboard sounds a second thought. Though, of course, we think they should.

For the most part, typing sounds are just standard clicks that no one thinks about too much. Well, we want to change that because there are so many ways to make keyboards even better with fun sounds. Of course, that’s not the only reason why you should get a cool typing sound effect, so bear with us as we delve into the nitty-gritty of typing sounds.

Personalization beyond keyboard themes

There’s no reason to deny the fact that we’ve written our fair share of posts about how awesome having a custom keyboard theme is. It’s true, of course, but we like to go beyond that by adding a cool font and a fun keyboard typing sound to the mix. These make a keyboard that much more personal and, dare we say, exciting to use. From interesting sounds to cute music notes, you can type to a fun new soundtrack every single day.

Just as in life it’s the little things that matter, a keyboard with sound effects could make quite a difference to your typing experience. Think of it as the cherry on an emoji-filled cake. 

Make typing even more fun

We know most people prefer to just turn the keyboard typing sound off and be done with it, rather than hear the annoying clicks of the phone’s standard typing sound. But what if we told you there is a better way, a more fun way to type and make the keyboard sound effect a part of your customized keyboard.

Yes, we believe typing should be fun. It’s what drove us to create Redraw Keyboard, which is why we have a deal of customization features. Thus, you can mix and match different features and not only give your keyboard the perfect theme but the perfect sound as well! Why, you can even get a new typing sound effect and make music while you type. 

How to change keyboard sound on Android with Redraw Keyboard

Before you start taking notes on the intricacies of changing any of your standard keyboard’s settings, we feel compelled to warn you: changing anything about your custom Redraw keyboard is almost too easy!

All you really have to do is open the app, tap the ‘Personalize’ tab, and choose your favorite typing sound effect from the list. Yes, that’s it. Shockingly easy, isn’t it? Listen, there are enough complicated apps on the market, so we’d rather make things easier for you to change things up and find the perfect combo to make your custom keyboard truly your own.


It’s no secret that we spend a lot of time typing on our phones and tablets, so we may as well make every tap of the keys count. And whether that’s through a personalized theme, or a cool font to make your texting even more interesting, keyboard sounds are just as important and possibly even more fun!

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