Redraw Keyboard was created with you in mind. From the latest and greatest in keyboard themes design and most amazing phone backgrounds, to the best productivity features, we create only the best for you. And, because we believe in having fun with anything we do, Redraw also features achievements, rewards, and even a game leaderboard, making it part personalization app, part productivity app, and part Android game. Unlike other gamification apps, all you need to do to gain rewards and climb to the top of the leaderboards is to just use your personalized keyboard like you normally would and enjoy it!

Earn the bragging rights of being crowned the top dog in the Redraw Leaderboards and the reap the rewards that come with it! Just like any game leaderboard, the more achievements you complete, the higher you rank! You can check where you stand in compared to all your friends in the social leaderboard, and check how you rank compared to all of Redraw’s over five million users in the global leaderboard.


Why Did We Add a Game Leaderboard?

Because a little competition makes things a bit more fun! Redraw makes something as simple as sharing a sticker or emoji with a friend an activity worthy of a reward. And while you’re on your way to the top, completing achievements and wining prizes, why not get your friends in on the action, so they can have some more fun in their lives too? You can compete to see who gets to the top of the social game leaderboard first!

As you advance through your achievements list, collecting coins and using them to get some exclusive keyboard themes and wallpapers for your phone, check back and see where you stand in the global leaderboard.


How Can You Get in the Android Leaderboard?

To get access to all the amazing features Redraw has to offer, you will need to download and install the app on your Android device. Once that’s done, and Redraw is enabled as you default keyboard, you can start completing achievements. You will also have the chance to begin climbing the global game leaderboard. Once you invite your friends to use Redraw Keyboard, you can compete with them and see how you rank in the social leaderboard. Using a personalized keyboard has never been so entertaining!

We’ve created Redraw Keyboard to be the best all-in-one app on the market today and stand out against keyboards with emojis for Androids! With our amazing app you can personalize your Android keyboard, upgrade your phone’s look, and work more efficiently with our integrated productivity features. What’s more, you can even get rewarded for using your keyboard and receive coins with which you can make your typing experience even more amazing.

Game Leaderboard

Grab your friends and join the amazing community of Redrawers! Tick off all the milestones on the list and smash your own records to reach the highest peaks of the global Redraw Keyboard game leaderboard. We always strive to make everything more fun for our users. With this in mind, we included the achievements and leaderboards features, which create the perfect combination between personalization, productivity, and gamification elements.

Get the best of your Android device and keyboard with Redraw Keyboard Emoji and Themes. Jump from customization options to gaming elements and beyond, while reaping all the benefits a personalized keyboard can offer you. There is no shortage of ways in which Redraw can make life a bit easier for you. And, as with everything in life, we must never forget to have fun!    |    +40 754 067 663
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