Make typing more fun with a cool keyboard

Make typing more fun with a cool keyboard

There’s no denying that we use our devices more than ever, and the time we spend on our phones or tablets are only bound to grow. With 2.7 million apps on the Play store, from cool keyboard apps, to amazing productivity tools, it’s easy to see why we’re so attached to our devices. And, of course, one of the main reasons we use so many apps is because we want to make things more fun, whether it’s through a great-looking app design, or a fun productivity tool.

Form posting a quick pic on Instagram, to chatting with your best friends over your favorite instant messenger app, it’s not a surprise that the most popular activity we do on our devices is typing. Which is also the reason why we’re always on the lookout for ways to make typing more fun. And a sure way to do that is through the use of a cool keyboard app. How, you ask? Well, let us tell you!

If there’s one thing everyone loves about their Android keyboard is that it can be customized to your wishes! Whether you’re looking for a cute emoji keyboard, or want a background that is more personal to you, a cool keyboard can make a huge difference in your typing game.

This is exactly why Redraw Keyboard has so many cool keyboard themes. So that you can have an exciting typing experience every time you open your keyboard!

  • Forget tapping!

    Gesture Typing with Redraw Emoji Keyboard

One of the things that make Redraw the best Android keyboard, in our humble opinion, is the swipe-typing feature that lets you write a text by simply gliding your fingers on the keyboard.

Gesture typing has been around for a while now, and we cannot get enough of it. It takes a bit of getting used to, but you can’t deny that it’s not just super fun, it’s also efficient. Don’t even worry about mistyping words because word prediction has your back!

  • Emojis, emojis everywhere

    Redraw: The Ultimate Emoji Keyboard

Everyone loves emojis and it’s easy to see why. Not only are they fun to use, but they’re also incredibly useful at either mimicking a face we’d make while saying something, or allowing us to express the kind of day we’re having in the most creative way.

And because we love emojis so much, we’ve included sweet emoji packs that you can download from the Redraw market and have even more fun typing on your cool keyboard!

  • Fun sounds and cool fonts

    Custom Touch Sounds with Redraw Keyboard

Listen, we know that your keyboard’s font and sound is not something you may think about too much when you’re thinking of customization options. But you cannot deny the appeal of a fun-looking and awesome-sounding keyboard, especially if you love typing as much as we do. Just imagine creating a little tune with your words every time you send a text message.

Needless to say, we’re in the business of making typing more fun, so if looking for cool sounds and fonts, Redraw is the way to go.

  • Say it with a Sticker

    Emojis and stickers for chat

So we’ve already told you how fun using emojis is, just in case you didn’t already know that. But stickers, though sometimes placed in the same category as emojis, are quite different! While an emoji can add some facial expressions to go with your texts, stickers can replace words altogether, which is why we love them so much!

At the end of the day, we’re all looking to make things as much fun as possible with as little effort as possible. A cool keyboard can be just the solution you need to have even more fun chatting with your friends.

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