Why Color Keyboards for Android Are Better Than Painting Your Room?

Why Color Keyboards for Android Are Better Than Painting Your Room?

The world of keyboard personalization is a vast one that can offer you much more than just color keyboards for Android. In fact, we’ll go so far as saying that getting yourself a new cute keyboard theme is almost better than painting your room. Yes, we said it! We love that feeling of a brand new room, but not as much as that new phone feel. Which is what we’re expecting from that cute keyboard theme we type up a storm on.

You cannot deny the impact that a new custom keyboard has on the way you use your phone, from spending all day looking at your amazing theme to looking for excuses to chat all day (unless you’re us and do that anyway). But why compare it with painting your room? Well pull up a chair and hear us out because we’re about to tell you!

Never get bored of your phone again with color keyboards for Android!

Gold Keyboard for Android

You know when you get a new phone and you can’t wait to use it all the time? Don’t you just love that? We do! That’s why when that feeling starts to fade, we start to get a little bored of the standard design. But with so many personalization apps in the Google Play store, there’s no need to suffer through the boredom. This is where we tell you how amazingly awesome Redraw Keyboard is, but there’s no need for that because we’re sure you already know 😃.

We have a plethora of color keyboards for Android in our theme library, whether you’re looking for a gold keyboard or a neon color theme. And if you love texting and you use the texting app more than any other on your phone you’ll probably wonder how to set an Android custom keyboard for app. Well, you won’t have to bend over backward to get a colorful keyboard! In fact, all you have to do is pick your favorite theme from the library and then set it as your keyboard theme. Easy-peasy!

Make typing fun again!

Color Keyboards for Android

Aside from getting one of the many cool color keyboards for Android, a keyboard theme completely changes your typing experience. It’s no secret we’re strong believers that typing should be a fun experience. And what better way to make it so than with amazing personalized keyboard themes? Add some cool typing sounds and fonts to the mix and you’ve got yourself a reason to want to be on your phone all the time!

Feeling down? A pop of color can bring you right back up again!

Custom keyboard Theme

All of the things mentioned above are true, of course. But there’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when you’re greeted by your favorite color when you go to type a text message. It can sound a little overstated, but a little pop of color can brighten not only your device but also your day. Give it a try and you’ll see exactly what we mean!

And if you’re not into color keyboards for Android, that’s ok! Redraw Keyboard lets you upload your favorite image or picture and set it as your keyboard theme. Now, maybe your favorite color won’t brighten up your day as much as it does ours, but your favorite picture most definitely will!


We’re crazy about keyboard themes around here! Yes, they can seem childish or superficial to some. But don’t knock the effects that color keyboards for Android can have on your mood and the way you type. So, get a cool colorful keyboard and start enjoying its many benefits today!

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