Can A Fancy Keyboard for Android Really Help You Work Better?

Can A Fancy Keyboard for Android Really Help You Work Better?

From making you look cool to helping you work better, having a fancy keyboard for Android promises to offer a lot these days. We already know that you can have a fancy color keyboard without selling one of your kidneys, but does it really deliver on all those promises?

Fancy keyboard for Android helping you work better

Now, we’ve already established that we think custom keyboards to be the most useful Android apps, as they offer personalization, translation, and so much more. But what we’re trying to find out in this article is how if one of these fancy keyboards for Android can really help you work better, or more efficiently. So let’s get cracking, shall we?

 1. Translate all the things

So, as you know, a lot of keyboards for Android offer instant translations (but ours it the best, just sayin’). The great thing about it is that you can translate instant messages and texts as you receive or type them. Now, isn’t that great? 😊

But how is this helping you work better?

Well, if you’re someone who chats with people from different countries, speaking different languages or, more importantly, works with people from all over the world, or, this feature could be of great help to you. So we can see how this feature could help you work more efficiently, as you would no longer need to switch between apps to translate a text. Which you can’t deny is very useful.

Typing with a purpose

2. Google Drive Integration

Google Drive is one app that is specifically designed to help your productivity and change the way you work. A fancy keyboard for Android that also includes Google Drive integration is not easy to come by (*ahem* Redraw Keyboard *ahem*), however. But with one of those keyboard apps, you don’t need the separate Google Drive app.

But how is this helping you work better?

Well, the great thing is that you don’t actually need to learn how to access Google Drive since it’s right there on your keyboard, which is great. So, basically, you access or and save to Google Drive any and all documents right from your keyboard. From Google Sheets to Docs, you have Google Drive access without adding a new app and, again, having to switch between apps. Just imagine attaching documents to your emails or texts straight from your keyboard. Efficient, huh?

Bunny's had enough of typing

3. Personalization makes a keyboard fancy

So this is where some might be skeptical. Does personalizing your keyboard actually make you work better and more efficiently? Well, customizing anything sure makes it more fun to use. And if you’re really loving your keyboard, you’re going to want to use it all the time, right?

But how is this helping you work better?

Needless to say, if a fancy keyboard for Android has all of the above features, then personalizing it will just add to the fun. And having your favorite theme, font, or sound to your keyboard will make it much more pleasant. So, if you work on your phone a lot, like many of us do, you’ll not only get all that productivity boost, but you’ll also do so with an app that you love.


There you have it, folks!  Can a fancy keyboard for Android really help you work better? Yes, yes it absolutely can! What do you think? Do you work on your phone a lot? Tell us in the comments if you think a fancy keyboard helps you work more efficiently.

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