What makes Redraw the best keyboard for Android?

What makes Redraw the best keyboard for Android?

There are plenty of reasons why we believe Redraw to be the best keyboard for Android. It doesn’t just give you a fun keyboard design, it’s a tool that, as we like to say, packs the strength of many apps into one, therefore it does more than what a simple keyboard app might do.

We’ve created Redraw with you in mind, and wanted to give you an app that you can rely on. And so, we want to show you what exactly makes our app the best keyboard for Android!

The many, many personalization features

keyboard designWe believe that typing should be a fun experience, so we’ve created Redraw Keyboard to provide just that. Redraw has more customization options than you’ll know what to do with. You can pick out a new theme that fits your style, from the slick and professional-looking, to the colorful and glittery keyboard themes with emojis.

What makes Redraw the best keyboard for android is that you can even create your very own keyboard by uploading your favorite image and using it as a keyboard theme. Then you can choose your keys’ colors, shapes, sizes, change the font and sounds, and you’ve got yourself a unique keyboard!

Regardless of how you choose to use it, Redraw Keyboard is the answer to the question of how to customize Android devices.

The fun of using a gamified keyboard


gamified keyboardWhile we set out to make typing exciting, we also want you to have even more fun doing things as trivial as sending a text!

With Redraw Keyboard you can make a game of simply using your keyboard by checking off achievements and gaining coins. ‘What do you do with those coins,’ I hear you thinking to yourself. Well, you can spend them on cool stuff like new themes and other cool personalization options (see how that ties-in perfectly with the previous point?). What’s more, you can compete with your friends and see who climbs the leaderboard faster! And that’s another thing that makes Redraw the best keyboard for Android.

Translate all the things!


Instant Google Translate While you are textingThe internet is a great place where you can meet people from all over the world! Of course, talking with them might be problematic, what with not all of us speaking the same language and stuff. But have no fear, Redraw Keyboard is here!

In our quest to answer the question in the title, we cannot forget to mention the Google Translate integration. With its help, you can translate any text you send or receive, making it a bit easier to understand people. This is great news for those of you who work with people from around the world, as some things are a little harder to express in a language that’s not your own.

Work more efficiently with our Google Drive integration

Redraw Integrates Google Drive for Productivity

Like we said in the beginning, and as per our tagline: Redraw Keyboard packs the strength of many apps into one. And one of the strengths we believe adds a ton of value to our already amazing app, is the productivity feature.

Basically, what Redraw’s Google Drive integration means for you is that you’ll be able to send files to anyone, anywhere, directly from your keyboard, with just a few taps. All you need is a Google Drive account, and you’ll be set! Whether you want to attach a file to that last important email of the day, or you want to send a file through a quick text, Redraw’s got you covered!

So there you have it. From fun themes to essential productivity tools, you can get the best keyboard themes with Redraw’s amazing features. But don’t just take our word for it. Give it a try and you’ll find out for yourself why Redraw is the best keyboard for Android!

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