Android Custom Keyboard vs Standard Keyboard

Android Custom Keyboard vs Standard Keyboard

We’ll be the first to admit that we love customization! And when it comes to personalizing your phone or tablet, you obviously cannot go wrong with an Android custom keyboard. Of course, there are a lot of personalization apps out there but a keyboard has more fun features than you might expect.

From customized designs to productivity tools, a keyboard can make life just a little bit easier and more fun! But what’s the difference between a custom keyboard and your ol’ standard one? Well, we’re glad you asked (let’s pretend you actually did and were not influenced by this article’s title)!

1. You can have a different keyboard every single day

Yes, we’re about to tell you, yet again, how amazingly great keyboard themes for Android are. As you already know, with an Android custom keyboard, you can use special themes to change your keyboard color and/or background using all sorts of cool designs. This basically means that you can type on a new keyboard every day of the week if so you wish.

And when we say ‘a different keyboard’, we do mean it. You can even change your keyboard’s font and sounds to make it even more fun. You know what would be even more awesome? Customizing your keyboard with your very own images! All you have to do is upload your favorite image, change the font, color and sound of your keys and you’ve got yourself a truly unique keyboard theme! See? There are plenty of reasons to love themes and your new Android custom keyboard!

2. Texting just became more fun!

Fast typing with Android custom keyboard

Whether you use it on a regular basis, or not, we’re sure that you’re familiar with swipe typing, (or Gesture typing, if you want to get technical). It may seem counterintuitive to glide your fingers on your keyboard and hope the result is at least mildly intelligible. But thanks to some amazing word prediction, swipe typing can actually be very efficient and fun!

Does swipe typing get a bit of getting used to? Sure. But so does everything. And once you get the handle of it, you’ll never want to go back to the tap-typing of your standard keyboard.

What’s more, with cool emojis and amazing sticker packs, you don’t even have to type to get your message across. Regardless of what you’re trying to say, there’s a fun pictogram you can choose to express exactly what you feel, no matter the platform!

3. Boost your productivity

These days, working is not just limited to the office. Most of us also need to get some work done on the go, and when that happens, productivity features become vital. A personalized keyboard isn’t just about Android customization, it’s also about making your life just a little bit easier.

That may mean helping you stay focused on your work, or simply making it easier for you to get your job done. That may mean instant translations that could make it easier for you to send and receive messages in any language, or a Google Drive integration with the help of which you can send any file straight from your keyboard. Either way, an Android custom keyboard has your back!

While your Android standard keyboard gets the job done, there’s nothing quite like having special features in a tool you use almost every time you pick up your phone, like Redraw Keyboard. As you can see, an Android custom keyboard can completely change the way you use your keyboard and make your life just a bit easier, to boot!

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