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…Where coders work with artists to ‘redraw’ the keyboard!

OK, so we’re not so much about redrawing, as re-inventing your Android keyboard altogether. Our team got together a few years back, with T-Me Studios co-founders Matei Pavel and Laurentiu Victor Balasa at the helm, out of a bullish eagerness to shake things up in the Android ecosystem. Matei and Victor’s dream had always been to make mobile more personal, to diversify the Android stock looks a million times over, and give Android users as many tailoring options as possible. Some time in late 2016, after making a ton of custom skins – launcher, locker and keyboard themes – the time came for us to take the big, bold, inevitable step forward. And make our own third-party Android keyboard app, we did because we like putting the custom back in customer!


…Where the digital gets personal!

After putting Redraw Keyboard through all sorts of A/B testing with various segments of users who were already hooked on our previous personalization work (particularly, keyboard themes), we launched with a bang in early September 2016. Being as we’re all unapologetic millennials, we thought we’d set ourselves up for either a resounding success or a cringeworthy flop. So we came out with a headline-grabbing goal, to get 1 million installs in one month. Redraw Keyboard managed to lock that up in 3 weeks. And our user base only grew from there. The overwhelmingly positive response to our little app is due to a unique proposition (if we do say so ourselves ) – what if your keyboard allowed you to be more plugged-in, more efficient and more… you, all at the same time, all without ever having to go back and forth between it and other apps?

Here’s the secret sauce, in short: a thorough checklist featuring granular personalization (a baked-in theming studio with options to change backgrounds, fonts and even sounds, plus hundreds of ready-made themes, emojis and stickers) and a who’s who of productivity-enhancing features for the power users (Google Drive integration, gesture typing aka swipe-based typing, instant translation). Boom!


…as seen on tv!

Impressed yet? And we haven’t even gone into the gamification layer that keeps users glued to the Redraw Keyboard leaderboard! Luckily, there’s a BBC article that touches on it, here. Redraw Keyboard has also been reviewed by Android Headlines and Android Guys, as well as appearing on the AMC-syndicated show NewsWatch (take a look!).



Next up? Rest assured, we’ve no plans to go rest on our laurels! It’s still all hands on deck for Redraw Keyboard, as we brainstorm more ways to “hack” the default Android keyboard, both in terms of looks and functions. That will mean adding more of the artsy themes users fall in love with, as well as more integrations and functionalities, to make everyone’s life easier in this mobile-first day and age!


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